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Welcome to Standing Cloud — your digital news hub for the latest updates and news regarding technology in any industry. Our selection of articles includes discussions and analysis on digital marketing, games, art concepts, cybersecurity and online tools and solutions.

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We focus on creating informative content that keeps you up-to-date in the field of IT and technology. Our writers draw on experience and research to deliver articles on the latest Google algorithm changes, online business tools, and everything tech.

Standing Cloud’s roster of content includes breaking news, features, informative how-tos and analysis.

We also focus on the following topics:

  • The internet
  • Data systems
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  • Social media trends
  • PC parts and the latest gadgets
  • Art concepts
  • Technology’s role in the economy

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We aren’t just a news magazine — we take pride in being the news magazine for topics under the technology umbrella.

Technology’s pace remains unpredictable. At today’s rate, there are new innovations every day. We’ll keep you updated on the latest news regarding systems, networks, and parts and pieces. Our goal is to empower you through information. Whether it’s the latest algorithm changes or how to integrate the Cloud into your business, find the information you need at Standing Cloud.  

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