Software deployment in the cloud is complicated.

We make it simple.

Our integrated application layer, intuitive user interface, broad catalog of applications and development platforms, and automated deployment and lifecycle management features make it fast, simple and hassle-free to install and run applications in the cloud.

The Standing Cloud Marketplace includes a web-based Marketplace Storefront, where cloud users can discover, purchase and deploy software and applications; an Orchestration Engine for provisioning and managing IaaS resources, applications and add-ons through their production lifecycle; and automated Software Packaging, utilizing scripted software packaging to add software to the marketplace and enabling multi-cloud deployment and management via the orchestration engine.

How it Works

By optimizing, integrating and automating the processes of initializing, configuring and deploying cloud servers and the applications that run on them, Standing Cloud makes it as easy as point-click-install to run applications in the cloud, without sacrificing reliability, flexibility or control.

Our deployment approach is uniquely model-driven. We use live, scripted deployments rather than application images, enabling our customers to avoid the costs and burden of image library management, while giving their users unmatched application flexibility, portability and stability.

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