Application deployment and management for your cloud.

Flexible, Reliable and Cost-effective.

Cloud computing is rapidly changing the way Solution Providers, Systems Integrators and Managed Service Providers build and run their applications. With Standing Cloud, it can change the way they run their business too.

Just as Infrastructure-as-a-Service reduced the need for network and hardware administration with self-provisioned datacenters, Standing Cloud’s application management layer streamlines and automates application management and deployment in the cloud, making your business faster, more responsive and more efficient. Getting more out of the cloud means improved quality, increased margins, and more focus on the highest value activities for your clients. Let Standing Cloud show you how.

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Automated Best Practices

If you repeatedly deploy similar server configurations and application stacks, automating routine tasks can slash the amount of time and resources spent on deploying, configuring and managing standard customer environments. By automating and organizing the common features - including provisioning/de-provisioning servers, deploying underlying technology stacks, and offering a standard catalog of popular applications - Standing Cloud enables your team to deliver value to your customers, rather wasting time on tedious tasks prone to error – all within a console featuring your brand, choice of applications, and desired clouds.

Seamless Deployment

Standing Cloud’s model driven engine “scripts” deployment of the OS, the technology stack and application on top of the infrastructure of your choice, providing portability, flexibility and quality assurance that image-based deployments can’t match.

Cloud Options

You're free to chose the cloud provider, datacenter or geography of your choice. We support more than 15 IaaS providers, including Amazon Web Services, GoGrid, Rackspace Cloud, SoftLayer, OpSource, CloudSigma and more.


You can modify deployment procedures however and whenever you need to. We use a “model driven” (scripted) approach rather than binary images containing pre-configured packages, so you can take advantage of our scalability and portability even in custom applications.

Cross Platform Support

You won’t be locked into a single development platform, operating system or programming language. Our Platform-as-as-Service (PaaS) capabilities support multiple programming languages, including Java/jBoss, PHP, Rails, Python and more.


Our platform is built for application scaling, from multiple applications on a single server, to single servers of various sizes, to a multi-server multi-tier horizontally scalable deployment.


Our deployment approach is completely transparent. You’ll see exactly what we do when we deploy, upgrade, or manage an application deployment, and it will make sense to you.

Automated Management Services

Automated app monitoring & backups, single-click version upgrades, resource scaling, a browser-based terminal and status logs, all accesible from the management console.


Deployment and management procedures are built once and run everywhere, so that they are consistently applied and reliable. No more forgotten steps or inadvertent security holes.


Applications are completely portable from cloud-to-cloud, so you are never locked-in to a single cloud service or provider. You can quickly add capacity or move to another cloud, and are protected from extended downtime and service outages.

Speed to Market

Leverage the efficiencies of a cloud-based development and testing platform to more rapidly deploy client projects, without the capital expenses and delays that can accompany the buying and provisioning of new hardware.

Application Variety

Our default catalog includes more than 70 applications, including popular business apps like Drupal, WordPress, SugarCRM, OpenVBX and OrangeHRM. We can also customize the catalog to include applications that you deploy regularly.

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