Distribute Your Software in the Cloud.

It's Like SaaS. Only Better.

Fast track your cloud distribution strategy with Standing Cloud. We make it quick, easy and cost-effective to distribute your software in the cloud.

There's no need to adapt the code for multi-tenant deployment, or build out infrastructure. With cloud hosting at the point of sale, we can make single-tenant deployment seem like SaaS for your customers, and immediately expand your distribution footprint through our multi-cloud marketplace.

With Standing Cloud, it's turn-key simple to add an entirely new solution option to your mix: one that fits neatly between generic SaaS offerings and “manage yourself” on-prem enterprise software. All at a singled bundled price for software and hosting. And we do all the work - including subscription billing, license sale and usage tracking - at no cost to you.

What could be easier than that?

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Cloud Hosting at the Point of Sale

Our custom cloud-based Try & Buy solutions make it easy for potential customers to evaluate your solution by reducing the hassles of downloading software and configuring servers. Instead, they can try out your software with a no-cost demo in the cloud, directly from your web site, with the option to upgrade seamlessly at the end of the trial. All at a single bundled price for software and hosting. Plus, we capture and share all the download data, so you know just who your customers and prospects are.

Automated Application Lifecycle Management

When your application is deployed through Standing Cloud, our management console (fully branded with your look and feel) gives your customers easy point-and-click access to a range of automated application lifecycle management features, including monitoring and backups, version upgrades, resource scaling, and more. Customers can choose when and how to upgrade your application, reducing the support overhead usually associated with wide-scale application upgrades.

Develop Once and Deploy Everywhere

Applications are completely portable from cloud-to-cloud, so users are never locked-in to a single platform or cloud provider. They can quickly add capacity or move to another cloud, and are protected against downtime and service outages.

No Heavy Lifting

Your customers won't be locked in to a single platform, operating system or programming language. Our platform supports multiple programming languages, including Linux, Java/jBoss, PHP, Rails, Python and more.

Simplified Deployment

Standing Cloud's model driven engine automatically "scripts" deployment of the OS, technology stack and application on top of leading cloud infrastructures, providing portability, flexibility and reliability that image-based deployments can't match.


The Standing Cloud platform is built for application scaling, from multiple applications on a single server, to single servers of various sizes, to multi-server, multi-tier horizontally scalable deployments.

Cross-Cloud Portability

Users choose the cloud provider, datacenter or geography of their choice. We connect to the APIs of more than 15 top cloud providers, including Amazon, Rackspace and OpSource.

Flexibility & Control

Operate the deployments on behalf of your customers and manage those deployments using Standing Cloud, or offer it transparently to customers as an easy deployment option.

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