Application Packaging and Orchestration for Your Cloud.

Fast, Simple and Hassle-free.

Want to increase usage of your infrastructure by making it easy for your customers to discover, deploy and manage applications on your cloud? Standing Cloud makes it easy for you.

Integrating application software with on-demand infrastructure, Standing Cloud's automated application layer bridges the gap between cloud servers and software installation and management. With easy integration, a friction-free buying experience, full user support and all the efficiencies of automated deployment and management, our platform makes it point-click simple for customers to deploy and manage workloads on your cloud.

Our intuitive user interface, broad catalog of applications and development platforms, and automated deployment and lifecycle management features make it fast, simple and hassle-free to install and run applications in the cloud.

Plus, we do all the heavy lifting to customize the management console with your own look and feel, and connect directly to your API to run seamlessly on your infrastructure. Really, what could be simpler?

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White-label Application Deployment and Management

The Standing Cloud application packaging and orchestration solution enables cloud infrastructure users to purchase and deploy software applications via an orchestration engine that automatically provisions and manages IaaS resources, applications and add-ons through their production lifecycle.

The management console can be configured to run on top of any infrastructure. We can customize it to meet your specific needs, including: branding, support, customized catalog with proprietary apps or software, and your choice of pricing and supported clouds.

Scripted Deployment

Because we use scripted deployments instead of virtual appliance images, you avoid the costs and burden of image library management, while giving your users more application flexibility, portability and stability.

Multi-Platform Support

Your customers won't be locked in to a single platform, operating system or programming language. Our platform supports multiple programming languages, including Linux, Java/jBoss, PHP, Rails, Python and more.

Automated Application Management

Automated application management features ensure your customers' applications are reliable and available, with access to monitoring, backups, one-click version upgrades, resource scaling and more directly from the management console.


Our Standing Cloud Marketplace platform is built for application scaling, from multiple applications on a single server, to single servers of various sizes, to a multi-server multi-tier horizontally scalable deployment.

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