Make launching and managing virtual private cloud solutions on your cloud as enjoyable as getting a smart phone app.

Meet the leading orchestration engine for provisioning and managing IaaS resources, applications, and add-ons through their production lifecycle. Our model-driven software packaging facility automates adding software to your marketplace. Our packaging framework enables any software for multi-cloud deployment and management via our orchestration engine. Our technology helps you monetize your cloud by making the sale of virtual private cloud solutions as easy as buying a mobile app.

Orchestration Engine

Provisioning and managing IaaS resources, applications and add-ons through their production lifecycle.

By optimizing, integrating and automating the processes of initializing, configuring and deploying cloud servers and the applications that run on them, Standing Cloud makes it as easy as point-click-install to run applications in the cloud, without sacrificing reliability, flexibility or control. Our deployment approach is uniquely model-driven. We use live, scripted deployments rather than application images, enabling our customers to avoid the costs and burden of image library management, while giving their users unmatched application flexibility, portability and stability.

Optimized Deployment

All installations are configured for best-practice deployment. Each one is professionally configured, installed, maintained and managed. Offer customers an unparalleled experience with our model-driven engine which scripts deployment of the OS, technology stack and application on top of the more than 20 leading public clouds we support. By leveraging our scripted deployments model instead of virtual appliance images, you avoid the costs and burden of image library management while offering your customers portability, flexibility and reliability that image-based deployments simply can't match.


You can modify deployment procedures however and whenever you need to. We use a “model driven” (scripted) approach rather than binary images containing pre-configured packages, so you can take advantage of our scalability and portability even in custom applications.


Our deployment approach is completely transparent. You’ll see exactly what we do when we deploy, upgrade, or manage an application deployment, and it will make sense to you.

  1. Initiate

    We start with a clean server image (not a binary application image) and configure from there. Nothing is pre-staged.

  2. Deploy

    From there, we spin up a virtual machine, deploy the stack and install any needed supporting software.

  3. Configure

    We configure the OS and software depending on the version and server size your customer chooses.

  4. Install

    Customers can get started with the app as is, or sync customizations from their GIT or Subversion code repository.

  5. Port

    We use stack deployments every time an app is spun up. So restores, server resizing and cross-cloud pointing is a cinch.

  6. Shut Down

    When an instance or server is shutdown, we automatically back up and store all the information.

Automated Lifecycle Management

When your application is deployed through Standing Cloud, our management console (fully branded with your look and feel) gives your customers easy point-and-click access to a range of automated application lifecycle management features. Our platform offers monitoring, automatic backups, auto-restore, single-click version upgrades, resource scaling, a browser based terminal window, status logs and more. Customers can choose when and how to upgrade applications, reducing the support overhead usually associated with wide-scale application upgrades.

Multi-Cloud Platform

Offer customers a one-stop show for all things cloud.

Our multi-cloud platform offers an easy-to-use catalog of applications, development tools and deployment options, all pre-configured to run instantly and reliably on a range of public clouds or your own cloud. Choose from more than 100 apps and development platforms, including Linux, Rails, PHP, LAMP, Apache (Solr and Tomcat), Python and more. A few clicks are all you need to get your application up and running in the cloud.

  1. Offer your customers easy point-click-install access to more than 100 applications - including popular programs like WordPress, Drupal, SugarCRM, OpenVBX and more - all fully configured to deploy quickly and reliably on your cloud infrastructure.

  2. Our platform capabilities support multiple programming languages and development platforms including Linux, Rails, PHP, LAMP, Apache (Solr and Tomcat), Python and more

  3. You're free to chose the cloud provider, datacenter or geography of your choice. We support more than 20 IaaS providers, including Amazon Web Services, GoGrid, Rackspace Cloud, SoftLayer, OpSource, CloudSigma and more.

Application Packaging

The application packaging standard for cloud distribution and portability.

With standing cloud's application packaging standards, in just a few steps ISVs can bundle their application for easy deployment and management on your infrastructure - even applications you've previously packaged in .aps or WebDeploy format. Automated checks and QA testing along the way ensure a smooth distribution path to your target end users.