In love with a nerdy frog, and not ashamed to admit it!

At Standing Cloud we're all about our partners , and it’s not hard to figure out why. We specialize in automating software deployment in the cloud. And without our cloud provider partners (we more than 15 in our regular catalog and even more use our white-label platform) we wouldn’t be able to offer such an awesome service.

We love all of our partners, and think it’s so cool how they - and others - are moving the cloud industry forward every day. But today, I want to talk about just one: SingleHop. SingleHop, one of the industry's most innovative cloud and hosting providers, is one of our partners who have integrated our technology seamlessly into their platform. They've been amazing partners, and it’s fun to see how they’ve incorporated and branded our technology, and that’s all without even mentioning their awesome, slightly nerdy, mascot "Poindexter." (In case you missed him, that's him there on the left).

You can check out how SingleHop has made Standing Cloud their own at SingleHop Hosted Cloud Apps, or read what Dan Ushman, SingleHop co-founder and CMO, had to say about it here.

But the thing that is so great about SingleHop is they really care about our relationship. It’s like we gave them our number and they actually called and want to keep hanging out! Since our partnership was announced, we've been working on an ongoing cross marketing initiative to boost awareness of SingleHop's new software marketplace. Take, for example, this webinar that Standing Cloud's Joni Klippert and SingleHop's Marc Bollinger did together a few weeks ago. We worked really hard with SingleHop to get all the details right, and then Marc and Joni come together for this awesome presentation on SingleHop Hosted Cloud Apps. Check it out and let us know what you think.

*SingleHop Hosted Cloud Apps With Joni Klippert & Marc Bollinger *

Are there any questions we can answer? Suggestions you have? Apps you’d like to see available on Standing Cloud or SingleHop? Leave your comments here or get in touch with Jason, our director of technical support, at