Lightning fast WordPress, automated management, awesome hosting. What more could a girl (or guy!) want?

A few weeks ago I wrote about how much we love working with our cloud provider partners to cross-promote our technology when it’s deeply integrated or seamlessly white-labeled. Plus we just really like to show off how much we’ve simplified using software in the cloud.

We got that chance again with a joint webinar with VPS.NET, a leading hosting provider that, like SingleHop, has implemented a fully integrated Hosted Apps Marketplace built on the Standing Cloud platform.

As an added bonus, we were joined by WordPress guru Frederick Townes of W3Edge. Perfect, really, since the webinar was all about running Wordpress on a VPS.Net server, preconfigured with W3TC. (The “TC” stands for Total Cache if, like me, you didn’t know already). W3 Total Cache is the cherry on top of our hassle-free app management features and VPS.NET’s reliable and speedy infrastructure.

W3TC, as Frederick told us in the webinar, is full of options for making your WordPress site lightning fast. The combined solution is great for any WordPress user just looking to simplify the process of getting a site up and running as well as managing that site after it’s live. Web developers and designers managing multiple sites for many different clients will also really benefit from the simplicity, speed, & built in management tools this integrated solution offers.

For a deeper dive into the technology, check out the webinar below. Or if you prefer, just head over to VPS.NET and take it for a spin today!