True Love: SingleHop & Standing Cloud

In love with a nerdy frog, and not ashamed to admit it!

At Standing Cloud we're all about our partners , and it’s not hard to figure out why. We specialize in automating software deployment in the cloud. And without our cloud provider partners (we more than 15 in our regular catalog and even more use our white-label platform) we wouldn’t be able to offer such an awesome service.

We love all of our partners, and think it’s so cool how they - and others - are moving the cloud industry forward...

Hello World! Here We Come.

Lightning fast WordPress, automated management, awesome hosting. What more could a girl (or guy!) want?

A few weeks ago I wrote about how much we love working with our cloud provider partners to cross-promote our technology when it’s deeply integrated or seamlessly white-labeled. Plus we just really like to show off how much we’ve simplified using software in the cloud.

We got that chance again with a joint webinar with VPS.NET, a leading hosting provider that, like SingleHop, has implemented...

Iteration #77 - Inching Towards Perfection

It’s that time again.

Boulder is usually beautiful in the spring. But this year, like the rest of the country it seems, we've had a very confusing few months. One day it’s 80 degrees and sunny; the next morning we all wake up to eight inches of snow. (Believe me, scraping snow off our cars is not a fun way to start the morning in early May). But have no fear! We are persevering, and in the absence of great weather, we're doing great work at Standing Cloud.

But enough about the weather! It's...