It’s that time again.

Boulder is usually beautiful in the spring. But this year, like the rest of the country it seems, we've had a very confusing few months. One day it’s 80 degrees and sunny; the next morning we all wake up to eight inches of snow. (Believe me, scraping snow off our cars is not a fun way to start the morning in early May). But have no fear! We are persevering, and in the absence of great weather, we're doing great work at Standing Cloud.

But enough about the weather! It's time to introduce yet another awesome iteration of changes, updates and improvements to our platform.

Often our iterations are about adding new features. But working at a software company is about more than just new functionality. It’s also about making sure our current features are as close to perfection as possible. So this iteration included a few improvements to make our marketplace and management solution the best it can be.


Our system automatically back ups your application data at least once every 24 hours (or more often, if you set it up that way). But, you can also do real-time, on-demand back-ups with just the click of a button. Turns out, though, that when automatic and manual back-ups coincided, they weren't getting along very well. So we sat them down for a good talking to and now they get along great.


Multi-app restores are now also working flawlessly. So, if you have two or more applications on one server and need to reboot the server, you won’t run into any problems.

We've also improved how we handle domain aliases, and fixed a few other tiny but tasty little bugs.

Is there anything else we can do to make your Standing Cloud experience better? Of course we always have a long list of stories in our task manager. But input from our users is really valuable! Let us know in the comment box below how we can help you. Or get in touch with Jason Hand, our director of technical support at